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 Kinnear provides unbiased, honest, and transparent pension advice for clients across Westmeath & the surrounding areas

Starting a pension fund is one of the best ways to safeguard your future financially. By opening a pension fund, you can contribute to your future wealth, growing funds to create a comfortable safety net of capital to retire on.
Here at Kinnear Financial Services Ltd, we offer professional pension advice that you can trust. Working alongside some of Ireland’s top pension providers, we offer unparalleled flexibility and options when it comes to finding a pension that suits your individual needs.

Whether it's general information or advice and recommendations when opening or transferring a pension fund, we ensure professionalism and transparency in all that we do.
If you’re looking for a trusted pension advisor to help you get the most out of your pension fund, look no further than Kinnear Financial Services Ltd.

We work with Ireland’s leading pension providers to find a plan that suits you perfectly

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Pension Advice Services

Starting a Pension
Retirement Options
Early Retirement
General Pension Advice & Information
Transferring a Pension
Pension Reviews
Unlocking Pension Benefits Early
Consolidating Your Pension

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Kinnear Chartered Accountants

Savings & Investments

When it comes to building your savings, one of the easiest and most successful ways of doing so is simply knowing how and where to save. Here at Kinnear Financial Services Ltd, we have over 20 years of experience in providing professional saving and investment advice to clients, helping you to grow maximum savings with minimum effort.

Kinnear Chartered Accountants

Life Cover

Kinnear Financial Services Ltd offers a fantastic selection of Life Insurance options for all kinds of clients, working alongside Ireland’s top insurance companies to provide unbiased, competitive, and honest quotes with a wide range of benefits.

Kinnear Financial Services Works Alongside the Following

Pensions FAQ

How do I start a pension?

You can start a pension by contacting your workplace, a pension provider, or a pension advice service like Kinnear Financial Services Ltd. To ensure a fully unbiased pension service, it’s best to start a pension through a financial advisor service.

Can I cash out a pension early?

This all depends on the plan that you’re on. Some pension plans allow clients to start collecting early retirement benefits from their 50s. If this is an important aspect of your pension that you wish to have, get in touch with Kinnear Financial Services today and we can help you find a plan that offers these benefits.

Is it too late to start a pension fund?

No, it’s never too late to start a pension fund. By investing your money in a pension, you can help your finances to grow in preparation for your retirement. Even if you feel as though you’ve started your pension fund too late into your career, any pension advice service will agree that having something to fall back on is better than having nothing at all.

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental Social and Governance. When providing advice, the firm considers the adverse impact of investment decisions on sustainability. As part of our research and assessment of products, the firm will examine the product providers' literature to compare financial products and to make informed investment decisions about ESG products. The firm will at all times act in the client’s best interests and keep clients informed accordingly. The consideration of sustainability risks can impact on the returns of financial products.

Business Consulting

Kinnear Financial Services Ltd., trading as Kinnear, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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